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Have you been lonely, single, separated for a while, and is it time that you would start dating again? Are you unable to get in touch with other nice people quickly in daily life because of work or for whatever reason? Then 121 Dates could be an ideal solution. On 121 Dates you don't have to be ashamed of yourself. All members of this site are just like you looking for a nice date, love, sex, adventure and more. You can log in from anywhere and go through profiles of users. Does the profile of a person seem interesting to you? Then you can send a message for the person and if you get a nice message back, then there is a first click. Does this sound nice to you? Register today for free on 121 Dates.

Free registration

Anyone from the age of 18, who wants to have a date with a nice man or woman, can register on this site completely free of charge. On the homepage of the site you will find the online click-through registration form under the heading “find local dates here!”. You can also access this form by clicking on the “create your profile” or “join free now” tab. In this form you indicate, among other things, your user name, e-mail address, password of your choice and date of birth. After having processed all relevant data and having confirmed the registration, you can immediately get started on the site by going through the different profiles and finding an exciting 121 Date.

Free account

Every new member of this site automatically gets a free account. As soon as you log in to the site, a page appears where you can participate in various activities. First of all a number of matches appear. The matches are profiles of other users with a description, a photo and the expectations of the person. You can then indicate whether the person is a match for you. In this case you can click on "yes" or "no". In addition, there are some articles on the site that you can safely read. There are some tips and tops in the articles which you can use for a date or in daily life. You can also invite other users to an event that you can organize yourself through this site. That way you can also meet other users in real life. There is also a "hot or not" tab in which you can give an indication which user profiles are hot and which are not. So there is a lot to do at 121 Dates.

VIP membership

However, with a free account you do not have access to all functionalities of the site. Do you want to increase the chance of a successful date? Then you can safely upgrade your free membership to the VIP membership. With this membership you can also view media files of other users, read received messages and use the priority search function. Fortunately, the costs for VIP membership are also minimal.

For a 12-month subscription, you pay $ 14.39 per month. You actually pay for 5 months and you get 7 months for free. You pay $ 26.99 for a 3-month subscription. You can also opt for the monthly subscription for which you then pay $ 35.99 per month.

121 Dates Reviews

    Enough man and Woman available to date

    I joined this site not long ago on the advice of some friends. I had already given up hope and didn't want to use the services of dating sites any more. There are plenty of these sites that pretend to be professional. They have the best sites and pretend to offer the best service. In various ways they try to persuade you to join the site. At first it seems exciting and as soon as you are registered you will immediately see a number of messages in your inbox. If you think you've received messages from real users, you're sorely mistaken. In addition, the sites always persuade you to purchase credits or tokens. However, I didn't manage to get a nice date even though I had already invested a nice amount. You can imagine that I was hesitant in the beginning to join the site again, but the layout of the site appealed to me. So I joined the site and have absolutely no regrets. Thanks to this site I have found my lover and share my story so that others also know that finding a date on this site is quite possible.

    - Free and Easy ways to become a member of this dating site
    - There are enough single man and woman available to date
    - The helpdesk staff is very nice and friendly

    I am very happy to be a member of this dating site and there are no cons that I can think of.

    A dating site for all single men and women

    If you ask me, 121 Dates is the ultimate dating site that is well put together and benefits all single men and women. The first time you visit the site you will not only see sufficient information, but you will also see an overview of featured profiles of users of the site. In addition, you will be given the option to register at various places on the site. The sign-up process itself is not only easy, but also super fast. Once you become a member, you have the opportunity to search through the different profiles on the site and contact the men and women that interest you the most. On other sites you don't have that option or not so quickly. You first have to fill in a number of forms and do a special test before you can look for a suitable date. Before you think you are an hour further. Thankfully, that's not the case on 121 Dates. That is why I strongly advise all single men and women to create a profile on this site and to look for your own da

    - Easy and Free Registration process
    - Real man and woman to date
    - Enough information in case you have questions

    - You need to pay for some of the services of the site.

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