121 People Dating

General Dating

Are you single, lonely, out of a relationship or do you have an open relationship? Do you enjoy getting to know new people in daily life, staying in touch with them, flirting with each other, chatting and, if you know each other better, also dating?

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121 Adventure Dating

Adventure Dating   •   1 Review

121 Adventure Dating has been specially developed for everyone from the age of 18, who loves to go on adventurous dates such as hiking, biking and exploring together. Do you like to go hiking with a date, visit another city together and discover what

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121 Christian Dating

Christian Dating

"You have been single for quite some time now, you are a Christian by faith and you have been trying to get in touch with other Christians for a date and more, but again and again without success. You notice again and again that it is a great challeng

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121 Divorced Dating

Divorced Dating

Have you just been divorced or have you been divorced for some time? Do you feel lonely or are you completely over your divorce and is it time to give your love life a boost? Then you have to be at 121 Divorced Dating. On this site there are a number

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121 Vegan Dating

Vegan Dating

121 Vegan Dating is the ultimate dating site for all vegetarians, who are looking for other vegetarians for an exciting date, serious relationship, sex date and much more. There are a number of like-minded people on this site and more people sign up

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121 Widows Dating

Widows Dating

121 Widows dating has been specially developed for all singles from the age of 18, who have lost the love of their lives just a little while ago and are now able or ready to date again. The site offers all users an online platform where they can safe

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121 Swinging


Have you been a couple for some years now or have you been married and is your love life a little bit boring? Do you want to give your love life a boost or bring some more excitement and sensation into it? Does partner exchange seem interesting to yo

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121 Transgender Dating

Transgender Dating

Are you a man yourself and have you always had the feeling that you were born in the wrong body? Have you always felt like a woman and don't your actions lie about that? Do you go through life dressed as a woman and do you like to get in touch with ot

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121 Senior Dating

Senior Dating

Do you also believe that age is just a number? Then you have to be at 121 senior dating. This dating site has been specially developed for senior lovers, who are looking for a nice senior date, nice senior chat, senior friendships and much more. The

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121 Single Parent Dating

Single Parent Dating

121 Single Parent Dating is one of the largest dating sites that has been developed especially for all single mothers and fathers. Have you just left a relationship, got divorced or have you been single for some time and would you like to have a nice

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