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Has it always been your dream to have a date with Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Wonder Woman or Super Woman? Then you have to be at 121 Cosplay. Anyone from the age of 18 can come here for an exciting Cosplay date. Cosplay Date is nothing but being dressing up as a well-known actor or actress or comic strip guy and going to  a date with other like minded persons. You decide for ypurself who you want to be. On this site there are plenty of men, women and couples who find it exciting to date dressed up with other like-minded people. You can visit the site for exciting cosplay sex dates, sex contact, new friendships, chat friends and more. Would you like to get in touch with your favorite actor or actress or hero of a cartoon character? Sign up for free today at 121 Cosplay.

Register completely free of charge

Anyone interested in an exciting Cosplay Date can register on the site completely free of charge. You can register by filling in the online registration form. You can find this form under the heading “Dress up and Meet up!”. You can also access this form by clicking on the "become a member" or "sign up here" tab on the homepage of the site. In the online registration form you fill in, among other things, whether you are a man, a woman or a couple, what your sexual preference is, what your date of birth is, working e-mail address and password of your choice. After having clicked on "register" an automatic message will be sent to the specified e-mail address with a link that you can use to confirm your registration. After this you can immediately start finding your own super hero for an exciting date and more.

How much do I have to pay? 

People who want to register as a new member of this site do not have to worry about any costs on this site. Everyone can register for free and every new member gets a free account. With this free account you can view profiles of other users. If there is a match you can also send a private message to the person and if you receive a message back, there is a click. However, with a free account you do not have access to all functionalities of the site. To be able to use all the services of the site, you can upgrade your account to the VIP membership. With the VIP membership you have the possibility to also view the media files of other users, to use priority search and to read private messages. There are minimal costs associated with VIP membership.

The most advantageous is the 12-month subscription. You only pay $ 17.24 per month for this. In fact, you pay for 5 months and you get 7 months for free. A 3-month subscription costs $ 28.48 and you can also pay $ 35.96 a month for VIP membership. You can only make the payments yourself securely and discretely via the site itself. If you pay with a master card or visa card you also get a 10% discount on the amount to be paid.

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