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Would you like to stroll on the beach, walk together through the dunes, and finish with a good glass of wine? If you decide to start dating seniors through 121 Seniors, then you are well on your way to experiencing this romance yourself soon. Do you really think that dating is not for you? Or are you afraid of taking the first step? At 121 Seniors, seniors dating is a serious occupation. You meet like-minded and serious candidates who are really looking for a suitable relationship. The site offers all seniors an online platform where they can get in contact safely and discreetly with other senior men and women. They can exchange messages among themselves and possibly agree if the conversations go well. All seniors on this site are looking for love, dates, friendships and more. Does this appeal to you? Register today for free at 121 Seniors.

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Would you also like to get in touch with other senior men or women for a nice date and more? Register today for free at 121 Seniors. On the homepage of the site under the heading “create new memories” you will find the online click-through registration form. You can also get this form by clicking on the "create a profile", "browse singles" or "join our site" tab. In this form you indicate, among other things, your user name, e-mail address, password of your choice and date of birth. After having processed all relevant data and having confirmed the registration, you can immediately get started on the site going through the different profiles and finding an exciting 121 Senior Date.

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As soon as you log in to the site, a page appears where you can participate in various activities. First of all a number of interesting senior matches will appear. The matches are profiles of other users with a description, a photo and the expectations of the person. You can then indicate whether the person is a match for you. In this case you can click on "yes" or "no". In addition, there are some articles on the site that you can safely read. There are some tips and tops in the articles which you can use for a date or in daily life. There is also a "hot or not" tab in which you can give an indication which user profiles are hot and which are not. So there is a lot to do at 121 Seniors Dating.

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It may happen that you run into problems when going through profiles or that you do not know how to use certain functions of the site. Both interested and users of the site can feel free to ask their questions to the 121 Seniors customer service. You can do this by filling in the online contact form. In this form you state what your username is, e-mail address and what the message is. The customer service, in turn, tries to come up with an appropriate answer or solution as quickly as possible.

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