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121 Adult Dating

Adult Dating   •   3 Reviews

121 Adult Dating is the ultimate dating site for everyone who is looking for an exciting sex adventure, exciting date, flirt chat and more. There are a number of members on this site and new members are added daily. The chance of not finding an excit

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121 Hookups

Adult Dating

121 Hookups Dating is one of the largest casual dating sites where you can go for sex dates with no strings attached, friends with benefits and exciting hookups. Are you lonely, not bound, not in a relationship or bound? Do you want an exciting Hooku

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121 Mature Dating

Mature Dating   •   2 Reviews

When you are looking for a mature date, you are in the right place at 121 Mature Dating. Every day there are many new registrations from people who are looking for a mature person for sex, contact or an exciting date in the area. Create your free acc

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121 Crossdressers


The Crossdressers Online Dating site. Join Your Crossdresser Dating Scene. Discover the excitement of crossdresser connections and meet with discreet playmates for passionate and unforgettable fun. Join the Thriving Crossdresser Community Engage Read more »
121 Christian Dating

Christian Dating

"You have been single for quite some time now, you are a Christian by faith and you have been trying to get in touch with other Christians for a date and more, but again and again without success. You notice again and again that it is a great challeng

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121 Transgender Dating

Transgender Dating

Are you a man yourself and have you always had the feeling that you were born in the wrong body? Have you always felt like a woman and don't your actions lie about that? Do you go through life dressed as a woman and do you like to get in touch with ot

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121 Swinger

Swingers   •   1 Review

121 Swinger is the ultimate dating site for anyone from 18 years of age, who loves swinger dates. What are swingers anyway? Swingers are people who want to meet other swinging people to exchange their partner, for example, partner exchange is common

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121 Senior Dating

Senior Dating   •   5 Reviews

Do you also believe that age is just a number? Then you have to be at 121 senior dating. This dating site has been specially developed for senior lovers, who are looking for a nice senior date, nice senior chat, senior friendships and much more. The

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121 Spanking


121 Spanking | Spanking & Fetish Dating Site

Find A Spanked Submissive That Wants To Be Dominated, Or Bend Over & Feel Pleasure Like No Other. Join FREE & View Local Matches & Photos. Try Now.

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121 Adventure Dating

Adventure Dating   •   1 Review

121 Adventure Dating has been specially developed for everyone from the age of 18, who loves to go on adventurous dates such as hiking, biking and exploring together. Do you like to go hiking with a date, visit another city together and discover what

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121 Single Parent Dating

Single Parent Dating

121 Single Parent Dating is one of the largest dating sites that has been developed especially for all single mothers and fathers. Have you just left a relationship, got divorced or have you been single for some time and would you like to have a nice

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121 Professionals Dating

Professionals Dating

Do you spend long days as a professional and are you unable to get in touch with other interesting people in your spare time for a date or more? Then it is advisable to quickly register on 121 Professionals Dating. On this exciting site there are ple

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121 Cougars


121 Cougars Dating has been specially developed for young gentlemen, who want to have a fun adventure with older experienced women and vice versa for older experienced women, who enjoy being with young gentlemen. Cougar dating is becoming increasingl

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121 Widows Dating

Widows Dating

121 Widows dating has been specially developed for all singles from the age of 18, who have lost the love of their lives just a little while ago and are now able or ready to date again. The site offers all users an online platform where they can safe

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121 Vegetarian Dating

Vegetarian Dating

Are you a vegetarian and do you find it increasingly difficult to find a suitable date? Are you lonely, out of a relationship and would you like to get in touch with other vegetarians or people who really want a partner who is also a vegetarian? Then

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121 Older Dating

Older Dating

"Age is just a number". Do you also share this opinion? Then you have to be at 121 Older Dating. On this site age is really just a number. The name of the site indicates it, on this site there are a large number of seniors, all of whom still feel young

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121 Elite Dating

Elite Dating   •   1 Review

Has it always been your dream to date a successful businessman, businesswoman, doctor or lawyer? Would you like a successful man or woman by your side as your partner, who will assist you through thick and thin? Then you have to be at 121 Elite Datin

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121 Bi Dating

Bisexual Dating   •   1 Review

121 Bi Dating | Bisexual Dating For You

A discreet bisexual dating site where you will be connected with curious singles! Arrange bisexual meets in your postcode and in different cities by using the search tool.

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121 Singles Dating

General Dating   •   1 Review

121 Singles Dating is the ultimate dating site for all Singles from the age of 18. This site offers all single ladies and gents a safe online platform where they can exchange ideas with each other in peace, safely and discreetly, can flirt with each

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121 Over-60s Dating

Over-60s Dating   •   6 Reviews

121 Over- 60s Dating has been specially developed for all single men and women over the age of sixty, who still find it exciting to date like in their younger years. Are you over sixty, do you also think that your age is just a number and do you want

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121 Over-50s Dating

Over-50s Dating

Do you want to get connected with singles over 50? Is it a while back that you started dating? Are you lonely, are you over 50 and is it time to have a good time again with your peers or are you just a little younger and you find it exciting to have

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121 Dates

General Dating   •   2 Reviews

Have you been lonely, single, separated for a while, and is it time that you would start dating again? Are you unable to get in touch with other nice people quickly in daily life because of work or for whatever reason? Then 121 Dates could be an idea

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121 Swinging

Swingers   •   1 Review

Have you been a couple for some years now or have you been married and is your love life a little bit boring? Do you want to give your love life a boost or bring some more excitement and sensation into it? Does partner exchange seem interesting to yo

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121 Matchmaking

General Dating

Have you been lonely for a long time? Have you been out of a relationship for a long time or just a week ago? Do you think that it is time to give your love life a very good boost? Then you have to go to 121 Match Making. There are a number of men an

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121 People Dating

General Dating

Are you single, lonely, out of a relationship or do you have an open relationship? Do you enjoy getting to know new people in daily life, staying in touch with them, flirting with each other, chatting and, if you know each other better, also dating?

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